October 25, 2022
hybrid Event
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We took a deep dive into various use cases around machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence at Wolt. From logistics optimization to personalization to optimizing marketing data platforms, there’s a world of interesting data science challenges in building a local commerce platform that has been uncovered at this meetup.

At the start of the meetup, Dirk Hofmann, Co-founder of DAIN Studios, welcomed the Wolt team onto the stage. Erlin Gulbenkoglu, a Data Scientist at Wolt, acted as moderator for the summit which included talks by Aatu Kaapro, a Data Science Lead at Wolt, Juan Orduz a mathematician and data scientist who forms part of the Wolt marketing team, and Aleksandr Fedintsev, a staff data scientist. There was a lot to learn about day-to-day Wolt operations.

Three insiders discuss data impact at Wolt

Aatu Kaapro started proceedings by explaining what Wolt does with data science. The talk then gave an overview of the firm’s transition from delivering just restaurant food to delivering other items such as retail products. Aatu stopped to mention how the increase in the volume of users and the range of services provided by Wolt has made the company’s work more challenging.

Aatu Kaapro is a Data Science Lead at Wolt. With more than 10 years experience delivering data science and machine learning solutions, Aatu leads the Wolt data science practice.

After Aatu had finished, Erlin asked Juan Orduz to take the mic. He talked about how measurement is central to the optimization of marketing efficiency. He focussed on the importance of good experimentation, simulations, and learning—comparing and contrasting the advantages of a number of different approaches. There were some interesting questions from the audience including one about getting hold of and using a control group. This drew an insightful response from Juan who talked about the principle of unknown unknowns.

Juan Orduz is a mathematician and data scientist who forms part of Wolt’s marketing team. He leads data science projects from conceptualisation and modeling to deployment.

During the final session, Aleksandr Fedintsev highlighted the importance of personalization at Wolt. He also provided insights on offline metrics, machine learning, and neural networks. Towards the end of his speech, he offered an unexpected solution to latency spikes. (Watch the recording to believe it.)

Aleksandr is a data scientist and machine learning engineer with a passion for statistics, recommender systems, deep learning and low latency online inference. At Wolt, Aleksandr works as a staff data scientist in the Consumer Group helping several teams to make customer experience across multiple touchpoints more personalized.

The agenda (EET)

5:30 PM
Welcome and pizza
Live stream starts at 6:00 PM
6:00 PM
Introduction to the Helsinki Data Science Meetup series
Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen, Co-founder DAIN Studios
6:10 PM
Data Science at Wolt
Aatu Kaapro, Data Science Lead at Wolt
6:30 PM
Offline Campaign Analysis Measurement: A journey through causal impact, geo-experimentation and synthetic control
Juan Orduz, Data Scientist at Wolt
7:00 PM
Restaurant discovery with Wolt: using Deep Neural Networks to power recommendations
Aleksandr Fedintsev, Staff Data Scientist at Wolt
7:30 PM
Networking and pizza
9:00 PM
End of the evening
The meetup has been hosted by Erlin Gulbenkoglu, Data Scientist at Wolt!

Inspiration. Learning. Networking.

Taken as a whole, the HDSM and Wolt gathering was a great success. There was plenty of inspiration and learning and development on offer. Attendees—online and in person—got the chance to chat with industry experts and delve into complex real-world use-case scenarios.

During the post-talk mingling session there was also the opportunity to make friends, share experiences, and grow and diversify contact networks.

If you’re interested in hosting a meetup, please contact us and let’s plan the next edition of the Helsinki Data Science Meetup together. Alternatively, if you want to learn more about the collaboration between Wolt and HDSM, you can rewatch the event here or on our YouTube channel.

About Wolt

Wolt is a technology company that makes it incredibly easy to discover and get the best restaurants, grocery stores and other local shops delivered to your home or office. Wolt is not just a delivery app – we’re a technology company building a commerce platform to seamlessly connect our millions of customers with thousands of merchant and courier partners, in real-time across 23 countries and 250+ cities.

About Helsinki Data Science Meetup

The Helsinki Data Science Meetup (HDSM) is a quarterly held, hybrid event series (online & physical) for professionals sharing an interest and passion for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.
The Finnish-based meetup has been facilitated by DAIN Studios since 2016 and every edition is hosted by a company that has been active in the fields of Data Science and AI, wanting to share their learnings and experiences. The meetup is aimed to foster the exchange of ideas and learnings across the Nordics and Central Europe and is seeing ever growing interests from tech professionals from all over Europe.

If you are interested in hosting one of the next meetups, drop us a message and let’s plan the next edition of the Helsinki Data Science Meetup together.

Hosted by Wolt
Wolt hosts Helsinki Data Science Meetup

Meet our Experts at Data Science at Wolt

Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen
CEO of DAIN Studios Finland, Co-Founder
Dirk Hofmann
Co-Founder and CEO of DAIN Studios Germany
Event Details
Title: Data Science at Wolt
Date: October 25, 2022 5:30 pm
Type: hybrid event
Location: Wolt office
Arkadiankatu 6
, 00100
, Helsinki
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