September 25, 2023
hybrid Event
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AI Monday premiers in Vienna on September, 25th 2023!

The topic will  be: “AI for good: From AI Literacy to real and ethical business impact.”

Romana Aumer from A1 Telekom Austria AG and Günter Stessl from Austrian Federal Computing Centre (BRZ) will be joining DAIN Studios’ Managing Director of Austria Ana Simic and Head of DAIN Academy, Tizian Kronsbein in a deep-dive exploration on what  AI Literacy means and how it can help achieve real and practical impact for businesses.

Expect some hands-on advice for implementation, various use cases and interesting perspectives from our speakers. The discussion will extend to the ethical dimensions of AI, paving the way for responsible innovation and deployment.

*This event will be held in German.

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About AI Monday

AI Monday® is about exchange, inspiration and collaboration.

In the early 2000 curious minds met regularly on Monday afternoons in Helsinki at so called “Mobile Mondays” to discuss mobile business use cases. In Berlin it was the latest around “location based services” that were shared at the GEO Mondays.

AI Monday was created in the Monday tradition by the Finnish consultancy company Taival in 2017. Over the next five years the event series nurtured a network between business professionals and tech enthusiasts. The gatherings became known for their no nonsense, straight-talking approach to AI.

DAIN Studios has always had a strong belief in fostering community in the AI sector, and in 2022 the organization started overseeing AI Monday.

Hosted by DAIN Studios

Meet our Experts at AI for good: From AI Literacy to real and ethical business impact

Tizian Kronsbein
Head of DAIN Academy
Event Details
Title: AI for good: From AI Literacy to real and ethical business impact
Date: September 25, 2023 5:00 pm
Type: hybrid event
Location: Wien
Hintere Zollamtsstraße 4
, 1030
, Vienna
Oct 10
AI literacy is an “ongoing learning experience” nobody should ever assume to be complete, Tizian Kronsbein, Head of DAIN academy and the host of the very first AI Monday in Vienna, cautioned at the very..

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