What is EmojiPT?


EmojiPT was a project that was initially launched to help business executives communicate in a more conversational tone.

The initiative aimed to help businesses communicate more effectively. Annoying examples of business speak include:

● The deliverables are due at the end of the week 🚚📦🍃🔚
● Please forward all billing matters to accounts 🔄🔁💰📤
● Let’s get the ball rolling on this task 🤔🤗🎾🚀
● We will need to take a deep dive into this topic 🤿🤿🤿🔍

“It’s crucial that we prioritize straightforward and concise communication with our colleagues.” says Tatiana Bayr. “Using jargon can encourage a corporate culture that is cold and out of touch. That’s why we’re so excited about EmojiPT.”

The app turns any phrase into a series of emojis.

“Studies show that emojis counteract business speak and lead to substantial improvements in performance. We look forward to rolling out trials of EmojiPT at major corporations in the next quarter,” says Dirk Hofmann.

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