Vesa Sokka is a lifelong learner and logical thinker with an eager problem-solving attitude. His wide range of knowledge of computers, combined with a natural ability to search for the best solution to the problems he encounters, gives him an ability to participate in various data-related assignments.

Last three years before joining DAIN, Vesa was working in a goverment-owned company, and a big part of the job was to develop new data pipelines between various different systems.

Vesa Sokka holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from University of Kuopio (UEF).

Sokka Vesa

Vesa Sokka

Data Engineer
Studio Helsinki

Vesa Sokka

Data Engineer
DAIN Studio Helsinki

Why do you like working at DAIN Studios Helsinki?

"Wide variety of projects & people."

If you could solve one problem using data and ML, what would it be?

"Fusion power == free energy for all <3"