Fiona Collins is a Data and AI strategist with a strong drive for holistic problem-solving. During Fiona’s masters in Integrated Building Systems at ETH Zurich, she gained a cross-discipline knowledge of sustainable energy systems, architecture and data engineering.

In her last industry project namely: “Building Twin” at Siemens Smart Infrastructure, she worked in an agile team as a scrum master and software developer. Aiming to build a Digital Twin of operating buildings, she learnt to work in high-performing DevOps teams, provide well-founded data insights and drove development around customer and business values.

Fiona has worked with complex engineering semantics, 3D geometry and the suiting deep learning architectures going with it. During her PhD in the field of building informatics and Digital Twinning, which Fiona balances alongside work, she is further specializing in fusing the domains of machine perception, data engineering and architecture.

During Fiona holds a Master in Integrated Building Systems from ETH Zurich.

Fiona Collins

Data and AI strategist
Studio Munich

Fiona Collins

Data and AI strategist
DAIN Studio Munich

"I am combining my role as a data strategist with the persuit of a PhD in building informatics. My background is in interdisciplanary engineering focusing on digital and integrated building systems. I have worked on one cloud based data project and was working on parsing integrating static and dynamic building data."

Why do you like working at DAIN Studios Munich?

"I am passionate to apply novel machine learning algorithms in the orgnaizational and societal cotext that goes with it. At DAIN I have the unique opportunity to do so in a team of passionate experts and team-workers."

If you could solve one problem using data and ML, what would it be?

"Finding and putting into place a feasible and carbon neutral distributed energy system."