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News releases and media presence


Mostly AI Summit, September 2017

Our CEO Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen speaking at the Mostly AI Summit in Vienna, September 4, 2017 with a topic: “Seizing the Machine-Learning Opportunity”.

See slides on Slideshare or video below

Data Talk 

Disruptive Elements Data talk with Dirk Hofmann (in German) . What does it mean to be “data-driven”?  When is a company data-driven? What are the key elements to pay attention to?

AI Monday, March 2018

Ulla was speaking about industry ecosystems and data business opportunities at the AI Monday event on March 9, 2018. See video recording of the speech here (courtesy of Tekniikka & Talous) , and a nice summary by Dima Syrotkin on the whole event.