What is Kamu AI?

Kamu AI is our artificial intelligence based platform for the delivery of valuable and trustworthy recommendations. The platform can be utilized to build solutions for different application areas. Each such solution uses AI, expert domain knowledge, personal details of users and the seamless blending of ancillary data sources.

Our first productized solution using the Kamu AI platform is Kamu Travel, focusing on the travel industry.

Kamu Travel

Travel industry is increasingly talking about providing experiences rather than just selling a product or a service. Especially the millennial travelers look for immersive experiences and adventure, and turn to online services for inspiration and frictionless purchasing.

So how do you actually tap into the kind of experiences the consumer is looking for, and cater to those expectations? And at the same time, increase the probability of conversion?

Kamu Travel helps the travel ecosystem to provide a more engaging consumer experience, by intelligent advise and recommendations based on their preferences.


Kamu Travels makes the most of what modern AI and machine learning has to offer to allow the travel operator to generate specific recommendations for alternative products during the search and booking process.


We use multiple sources to gather information, such as reviews, rich facts on destinations, and transaction data and other user specific information.

For example, a hotel recommendation engine will calculate the best match between a database of 300 thousand hotels, and the characteristics of the person that is currently searching.

The result

While the current travel search sites tend to focus on price and location, our intention is to get closer to what the consumer really wants to experience.

The travel operator will be able to offer the best possible recommendation in tailored and personalised form to the customer – a curated collection of inspiration.

If you are interested in seeing how Kamu AI Travel could be used at your organization, then please contact us – we would love to discuss more.

The first version of Kamu Travel is already available in the German-speaking market (Germany, Austria, Switzerlandi) as part of the Traffics platform – the leading German B2B travel platform provider.