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FAQs: What clients ask us?

"We haven't always been consultants." Many DAIN team members have experience on the client side: we have executed data strategies, built machine-learning models, and implemented large cloud infrastructures. We know how big companies work from the inside. We work with many different companies and industries and have lots of experience on what works and what doesn’t.

We don’t claim to be experts of all domains, but we are experts in everything data (data capture, processing, utilization): We work together with the company’s people where they bring in the domain expertise (e.g. drug development process) and we show how big data and machine learning can help.

We’re a consultancy, so you own everything we do: the code, the results.

If data-science project: We need the data & data explanations from you, after that we are quite independent.

If data-strategy project: We’ll conduct interviews with your key people, perhaps arrange a workshop at some point.

The data is always your data, we only use it for the purpose at hand. After the project, we delete the data (if it’s on our premises).

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