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Welcome to DAIN Studios’ data and AI events page. We drive dialogues, shape conversations, and lead the discourse in the AI and data realm. From founding the Helsinki Data Science Meetup in 2016 to orchestrating the AI Monday series today, we’ve been pivotal in fostering insightful exchanges. This platform offers a curated list of events we host, attend, or speak at, and a repository of significant event recaps. We invite you to connect and be a part of this dynamic community.

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Dive into events hosted by DAIN Studios, where thought leadership meets real-world insights. Experience the synergy as we drive dialogues, setting benchmarks in data and AI innovation.

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Join us at industry gatherings where we participate or speak. Experience our commitment to sharing knowledge and shaping the global data and AI narrative.

What is the Helsinki Data Science Meetup?

The main motivation of the Helsinki Data Science Meetup is to provide a face-to-face platform for the Data Science and Data Engineering community to learn from each other. These areas experience rapid development, new use cases, new data and advances in technologies, and thus sharing experience and knowledge is vital for the progress.

This is also why we wanted to bring in companies presenting their challenges and use cases as they provide hands-on learnings for everybody in the room. At the same time, it provides those hosts the opportunity to share recent developments and to get in touch with potential talent.

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Dirk Hofmann
We bring in companies presenting their challenges and use cases as they provide learnings for everybody.
Co-Founder DAIN Studios

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