Sampo VirkkulaSenior Data Engineer

Sampo Virkkula has extensive experience in building different kind of data pipelines, data warehousing and master data management. First in the on-premises setting, and then in the cloud using different cloud providers. He feels comfortable in planning different data models (relational and NoSQL), and implementing data model using for example Dimensional or Data Vault modeling methodology and then moving model into well performing psychical implementation. Sampo really embraces CI/CD, agile way of work, and infra as code in the data development.

In his previous career Sampo has worked extensively with geospatial data. Ranging from the geospatial data management, to wide ranging analytical work including network and route optimization, all the way towards building geospatial data services.

Sampo has studied Electrical Engineering at the Helsinki University of Technology, and holds several data engineering related certificates from different providers. ln his free time Sampo likes to study new technologies and test different tools in his personal projects.