Data Success – learn how to define and execute your data and AI Strategy

Over the past four years, DAIN Studios has been involved in more than 50 Data and AI initiatives in different companies and industries in Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. We have defined Data and AI strategies, evaluated AI execution projects, and advised companies on topics such as data governance, organization, and operating model. We have also built cloud infrastructures, engineered data, and developed scalable machine-learning models. We have advised dozens of business leaders on how to become data driven and use AI to their benefit. This article reviews some of the findings that we have made and proposes best practices for going forward.

What are the best practices in defining and executing data and AI strategies? Download and read this interesting white paper by our co-founders Ulla and Dirk, and reach out to discuss more about how DAIN Studios could help you leverage data!


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    Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen is the CEO, Co-founder and Partner of DAIN Studios in Finland.
    Dirk Hofmann is the CEO, Co-founder and Partner of DAIN Studios in Germany.

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