Markus AnttilaSenior Data Developer

Markus Anttila is a Senior Data Developer at DAIN Studios. Markus brings extensive experience in front-end development, backend development (node), data analytics, data visualisation and business intelligence. He specialises in developing user Interfaces for internal business departments and their users. His track record in building solutions covers a broad range of development ranging from traditional BI dashboards to custom web applications built on modern frontend frameworks and node backends. His past experience includes work for construction-, media-, and semiconductor industry.

In addition to business oriented development solutions, Markus brings a variety of programming languages and technologies to DAIN Studios. These include Javascript, and it’s modern frameworks, testing frameworks, Docker, Node, MongoDB, SQL, Business Intelligence technologies, Qlikview, Qliksense, Looker, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. In addition to his technical skill set, Markus has experience in operations management.

At DAIN Studios Markus has been working with development of email performance monitoring dashboard with Tableau for client in Finance & Insurance sector.

Markus is keen to explore the possibilities and benefits that data can give in terms of social impact and hope that data can bring increased transparency for delivering positive social impacts. Markus holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Laurea University of Applied Sciences.

markus anttila