Eike von SeggernSenior Data Scientist

Eike von Seggern has a background in physics and a foreground in data science, with a strong interest in computational science and statistics. Eike has extensive experience in applying a variety of data science methods across different data problems. In particular, Eike is specialized in parallelized optimization of simulation tools and advanced analysis algorithms for data from various origins. In addition, Eike is well versed in software development.

At DAIN, he has focused on fraud detection in highly regulated environments and supported clients in evaluating various data analytics platforms. Prior to joining DAIN Studios, Eike worked as both a data scientist and head of software development in which he led a team of software engineers and data scientists that were responsible for a wide range of tasks including: prototyping, API design and web-traffic analysis, to developing methods to ensure platform reliability, and shaping relevant metrics for the platform’s users.

Eike holds a PhD in Physics from Hamburg University, a Masters Diploma in Elementary Particle Physics from Humboldt University of Berlin, a Bachelor level (Vordiplom) in Physics from the Technical University of Dresden. In addition, Eike conducted exoplanet research at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He believes that the most important step to get the best results from data is a well-formed problem.


eike von seggern