Marko KolarekSenior Data Engineer

Marko Kolarek has experience in various industries, including software, e-commerce and travel. He has worked as a researcher in computer vision and advanced statistics, as a software engineer for both cross-platform SDKs and microservices and as a data engineer in projects ranging from custom, single-team solutions to company-wide, 100+ team pipelines and services.

As a research associate, Marko has worked on a joint project between the University of Zagreb and Visage Technologies, a Swedish company specializing in face detection. As a research engineer, he has worked as part of the A/B testing team at the German fashion e-commerce platform Zalando, working on building their internal A/B testing self-service. As a data engineer, he has worked as part of the data science team at German mobility provider Flixbus, working on various internal data-driven projects.

He has also participated as a cohort member at Entrepreneur First, one of the most prestigious company builders and startup accelerators


marko kolarek