Boyan AngelovSenior Data Scientist

Boyan has a background in bioinformatics, with his research focused on microbial ecology and biodiversity. The most impactful areas of his research were achieved by using state of the art machine learning methods on metagenomic data.

Boyan’s contributions in the industry span across several domains, including e-commerce, biotechnology, and HRtech. In those industries, he helped implement machine learning projects using structured and unstructured datasets (often the latter, especially focusing on text data with Natural Language Processing). He has also developed his leadership and public speaking skills, by leading his own team of data scientists and speaking at conferences.

He is also a consistent contributor to scientific open source projects, mostly in the areas of species distribution modeling and ecology informatics. Additionally, he is often involved as a mentor, startup advisor and teacher.

At DAIN Boyan’s developed and deployed scalable machine learning models for fault detection with special focus on explainable AI and model interpretability.

The strongest driving factor in Boyan’s work is his belief that data science can be applied successfully in almost any area, and help drive meaningful change in our world.


boyan angelov