Sari Kola-NyströmExecutive Analytics Strategist

Sari is passionate about wellbeing and strongly believes that happy people are the most productive people. She is a global citizen with a thorough experience in strategic management of sales and customer experience, people, business and innovation. She loves building new business and creating high performing teams.

Working experience: Sari joined Nokia Networks in 1994. During 1994-2000 she was managing global development programs and launching products and solutions based in USA and Finland. After completing her doctorate studies in the area of Strategic Management of Innovation in 2005 she worked for Nokia Networks as the Head of Strategy for the Latin American region based out of Brazil. Thereafter she headed Nokia Siemens Networks’ Industry Marketing unit for the Middle East and Africa region from Nairobi, Kenya (2006-2008) and worked as Head of Strategy and Sales Operations for Nokia’s Latin American subsidiary in Miami (2008-2010). After returning to Finland in 2010, Sari worked for Elisa (2011-2014) as VP, Corporate Mobility and VP, Strategy & Innovation, and for KONE as Head of Sales Development (2014-2018). Sari has significant public speaking experience and has authored a number of articles in academic publications (for example the 2007 edition of the Handbook of Strategy) as well as two childrens books Panamaris move to Brazil and Panamaris move to Africa. She is also the author of Innovaatiotohtori blog

Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Swahili