Riikka VäänänenSenior Data Scientist

Riikka Väänänen is a Senior Data Scientist with more than a decade of experience in research and various industry segments. She uses data science tools to help our customers to fully understand and data-driven develop the different aspects of their business. She has worked in different projects related with customer data, energy consumption data and she has an extensive track record in measuring and measurement data. Riikka has experience in machine learning, deep learning, building dashboards, and analyzing dynamical, multi-channel 3D data sets. She has deep understanding of the whole data chain, from raw measurement data, to building predictive machine learning models.

Previously, Riikka worked as a researcher at the University of Helsinki, where she developed and implemented data analysis methods for field measurements. She coordinated and conducted aircraft-borne measurements and ensured instrument calibration and data quality. In addition to research, Riikka has taught data analysis, statistical analysis, as well as basic physics courses in electromagnetism and electrodynamics.

Riikka has a PhD in Physics from the University of Helsinki, Department of Atmospheric Sciences. Riikka also holds a Master of Science in Computational Physics from Aalto University and she has extensively studied machine learning from online courses. In 2017, Riikka was part of the DAIN team that won the Space Track competition as a part of the Junction Hackathon by developing the BioPlanner tool, which uses satellite data to follow and visualize ecosystem diversity.