Ulla Kruhse-LehtonenCo-Founder and CEO of DAIN Studios Finland

Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen is one of the three Co-Founders of DAIN Studios and the CEO of DAIN Studios Finland. She has long experience in heading up large Data and Analytics functions in global companies. 

At DAIN Studios, Ulla has developed and executed Data and AI strategies for many different companies and industries. Her passion is to take companies to the next level using Data and AI.

Before DAIN Studios, as Vice President for Consumer Analytics and Insights at Sanoma Corporation, Ulla established and led the Analytics Center of Excellence, a 45-person unit operating in Finland and the Netherlands serving Sanoma’s media and learning business. 

Before Sanoma, Ulla led Nokia’s global Consumer Analytics Department with 30 data scientists, providing support in sales and marketing, supply chain, and product analytics to Nokia’s 70+ operating countries. 

In 2013, while at Sanoma, Ulla was nominated the Information Leader of the Year in Finland. 

In March 2018, Business Insider named Ulla as one of the “32 coolest and most influential women in Nordic Tech.

Ulla holds a PhD in Economics (with a focus on Econometrics) from the Helsinki School of Economics/Aalto University.

ulla kruhse lehtonen