Dirk HofmannCo-Founder and CEO of DAIN Studios Germany

Dirk Hofmann is one of the three Co-Founders of DAIN Studios and the CEO of DAIN Studios Germany. Dirk’s main focus is to help companies in the area of Data and AI strategy development, data-driven business model development, data ecosystem building, and AI-based service development. As part of his responsibilities, he defines and drives companies’ transformation efforts, change strategy, and implementation programs.

Dirk is a veteran in the consumer electronics industry having acted in various product, marketing, and strategy roles at Siemens, BenQ, Nokia, and Deutsche Telekom.

He has implemented corporate-wide, customer-centric innovation, big data and analytics programs including world-wide customer panels, Think Tanks and Trend Scouting Networks. At Nokia, he was in charge of setting up and leading the 100-person Consumer Data & Interaction Program in the late 2000’s.

Dirk has a MA in Media Science, Psychology and Economics from the Ludwig Maximillian University in Munich.

dirk hofmann