Our 2nd Helsinki Data Science Meetup in 2017 was hosted by Finnair at their HQ next to the airport.
Annika Nordbo, Head of Data Science at Finnair, talked about Finnair’s journey of using data in their commercial operations and the company’s journey to be a data-driven airline.
She presented a wide range of data utilization cases including the methods used by the team for each of the cases. Super interesting and great inspiration for the audience.

As a 2n speaker we had the pleasure to have Matthew Evans, VP Digital Transformation at Airbus Group who came specifically for our meet up from the Airbus HQ in Toulouse to Helsinki. He shared how data and analytics is right in the core of the digital transformation of Airbus. We learned how Airbus approached the challenge of creating constant business value while sorting a siloed and fragmented data environment. Matthew also showed that future planes will have up to 250.000 sensors signals collected but to maximize the impact of those sensors the aviation ecosystem (Airbus, airline, airport, engine manufacturer,…) will need to work closely together. Again amazing insights, learnings and inspiration for the audience.

Thanks again to Annika and Matthew for speaking at our meet up! Special thanks to Annika and Finnair for hosting us!