Manuel GonzalezData Scientist

Manuel Gonzalez is a Data Scientist with a distinguished academic career in statistics and modelling with extensive application in the field of microbiology and food safety. Manuel specializes in data mining, molecular biology, biochemistry, biostatistics, and food safety, and has solid skills in programming (Python, R, Java, Javascript, C#), while currently gaining experience in machine learning.

Previously, Manuel worked for the Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira) where he researched and published risk assessments for Campylobacter in Finland. Between 2012 and 2015, Manuel was the Finnish representative to the European Union for biotracing of food borne diseases. Manuel’s background in chemical technology, and passion for applying statistics, have culminated in a number of publications with a new model for survival of Campylobacter.

Manuel holds a PhD in Environmental Health (Veterinary Medicine Faculty) from Helsinki University, a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology (Aalto University). Manuel also holds Certification in Good Clinical Practice through the NIDA Clinical Trials Network. Manuel has extensively studied linguistics and is conversant in Spanish, English, Finnish, with working knowledge of Italian, French and Portuguese.